Why are we putting ourselves through all this.....I do often wonder?!?!

The reason I keep going with this is detailed below:

The reason we I do this crazy stuff is to raise money and awareness of four fantastic charities. CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young), Macmillan Cancer Support, Action Medical Research & British Heart Foundation.

Below details how these charities help people when they most need it:


Cardiac Risk in the Young

On the 23rd May 2008, myself and my good friend Matt Wallbank travelled to London for our friends wedding. After a good night in London catching up with some friends and the groom playing Mario Kart, we headed back to the hotel with our thoughts on the wedding and more importantly the free bar then next day. Unfortunately, I did not realise how much your life could be changed forever with the passing of just a few hours. When I awoke the next morning Matthew was dead in the bed next to me. ......

...................I was at a loss, could I have done something, should I have known and the questions HOW & WHY???? There were also the questions from Matt's family as to what happened. 

The cause of death turned out to be sudden adult death syndrome or SADS. CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) were a great source of information for Matt's family and friends in trying to figure out what had caused his very sudden death.

They raise awareness of heart conditions, promote ECG screening for young people and provide help and information when needed. Since then, his family and I have set about raising awareness and much need funds for CRY in Matthew's memory, hence why I have added CRY to the list of charities for this challenge.


For more info click below:

 Cardiac Risk in the Young


Extract about Matt by his Mum.


Macmillan Cancer Support 

In January 2006 my Dad lost a year and a half battle against Cancer. Both he and the rest of the family got great support from Macmillan Cancer Support. Without this support I don't think my Dad would have battled on and lived as normal life as he could for as long as he did, and our family would have struggled to find the strength to help support him and carry on with life as much as we could.

The courage he showed in his battle and the dedication and kindness shown by the staff and nurses at Macmillan made me determined to give something back and help others who are suffering from this terrible disease.

As well my Dad the support when my Granddad died of Cancer in December 2008 and my friends who have lost loved ones through this terrible disease.

Further info on click below:

Macmillan Forum

Macmillan Cancer Support 

Action Medical Research.

This is a new charity to me and one which I had not heard anything about, until I looked into the Race the Sun challenge. Looking through there website I noticed they do amazing work to help children and the diseases they suffer.

One area which hit home was the research into Meningitis.

Meningitis Work 

This is a disease close to my family's heart as my Niece, Evie, was diagnosed with Meningitis & Septicaemia. Thankfully she has pretty much every symptom available, and due to that fact her parents rushed her to hospital. If they had waited any longer, Evie would not have survived. But thankfully after a long night of treatment she pulled through and had no long lasting problems. 

Unfortunately, to many babies, children and even adults do not survive or lose limbs after contracting this terrible disease.

For further info click below:

Action Medical Research


So please give as much as you can and help save others from suffering as Matt and my Dad and lots of families have.

Thank you.